Simplified Management

Our purpose built features ensures extreme ease of use that requires minimum expertise and skills.

Full Control

Every aspect of management is covered with regular updates, improvements and feature requests.

Responsive Design

Elegantly designed to fulfil a seemless graphical user interface for the best user experience.

Key Features Part 1


IBEUK are proud to offer a Free CMS system to Masjids that do not have a web site. Create pages, banners, sliders, donation pages with online card payments, events and a library of pages absolutely free. (Domain name not included)

Please see the CMS in action and register yours for free at


The Ultimate Maktab & Madrasah Management System

Goal definition

To provide a state of the art management system for Islamic schools.


Identifying the needs through first hand experience and more than 10 years in the field.


Resulting in the very IBE Advanced Management System (IBEams) you are currently looking into.

What our customers are saying...

Great solution for schooling system. Simple and straight forward setup. Make a real different for administrating and managing school system. Attendance, monthly payment, invoice, communicating with teachers and as well as Parents.

Will definitely recommend!
Muhamsha Abdullah TrustPilot Review, 7th September 2020


Using the best in standards and languages.

IBEAMS - The Complete Administration Solution