Terms & Conditions

IBEAMS is as secure as any electronic system. Whilst we take all possible measures to ensure your data is protected, negligence and carelessness from the customer on password usage and easy access to the URL/computer can result in unauthorised access. IBEUK is not responsible for such negligence.
SSL (https)
SSL is not insured. For SSL data insurance of up to $250,000 please contact us for the options.
Trial Period
The first month payment is fully refundable before the end of the month should the customer decide not to continue. If the first month payment was waived for you then the domain cost if ordered will be payable before cancellation. If a domain was chosen, the cost of this domain is deducted from the registration and handed over.
All domains must be registered under the ownership of the school and not IBEUK.
Whilst under contract, not using the system is not eligable for any deductions. The school is responsible to ensure all payments for the use of the system are made on time. While we allow delays in payments, the system is never disabled and will continue to function. By not cancelling, you agree to be liable for all payments whilst the system is active. By ordering, you agree to these terms of service.
There are no contract periods. If you cancel before the expiry then all unused months are fully refunded and no additional fees will apply.

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