About Us

IBEUK began in 2011 with a vision to standardise Islamic private schools and bring them up to date with the management possibilities with the advancements of cloud based database systems.

IBEAMS spawned from this vision as a powerful means to complete every day management tasks in less than 10% of the time it takes to be done manually using spreadsheets and word processors.

The system is built from the ground up making it easy to use for its purpose and very secure as the code is private. The system has undergone more than 200 updates ranging from brand new features, external portals to subtle improvements.

IBEUK is a privately funded company based in Leicester, UK by Mrs. F. Abdur Raheem with the development, customer support and all technicals managed and supervised by Muhammad Yasin. As a cloud based delevelopment, the source code is kept private and not located remotely with any development team members. Backups are done with encryption to ensure the full security of the system.

IBEUK does not currently have a central office. A dedicated phone number, email and whatsapp business is available for members to receive full support and a callback service is available for new customers.

We may introduce an office and phone lines once we reach our targets and goals enabling us to afford such a step. We have reached the half way point (in 2019) and we value the support of all current clients who have been a part of this success.

IBEAMS - The Complete Administration Solution